PAHERP would not be possible without the help of contributors and like-minded individuals who have come together with the same goal in mind and to share their passion with others. Many people have volunteered their time to make this project work through support, contributing documentations and photography. Others have helped in the development of the site and proofing and writing PAHERP materials.

Who is behind PAHERP:

jasonJason L. Poston – Founder
Field Herpetologist, Freelance Web Developer
Jason Poston is a field herpetologist spending most his time studying and documenting herpetofauna of western Pennsylvania. Originally from South Carolina where his passion for reptiles and amphibians developed. As a full time freelance designer Jason used his knowledgean passion for herps to start the Pennsylvania Herp ID site in 2007 to help the public identify the reptiles and amphibians with in their state, and to offer help with their questions. After a great response from the public, the PAHERP site was developed to further help with education and to aid in conservation efforts. Jason is also a contributor and volunteers time with the Atlas project.

kyleKyle Loucks – Educational Advisor
Field Herpetologist
A life long resident of Pennsylvania, Kyle has been studying reptiles and amphibians as a field herpetologist for more than 30 years. A consistent contributor to several states’ herpetological atlases, Kyle also volunteers his time for the calling amphibian monitoring program as well as local environmental studies. “ is a great way to share knowlege and information about Pennsylvania’s herps to both the public and professionals alike”. Kyle is a member of the Greater Philadelphia Herpetological society and current president of the Northeast Chapter of the North American Field Herpers Association and a contributor to the Herpetological Education Research Project.

A special thanks to those who have contributed their time and hard work:
Don Becker – Development of the PAHERP Database.
Dave Badger – Contributor & Editor
Ryan Miller – Contributor
Jeff Hanky – Contributor
Jeff Slawson – Contributor
Tom Diez – Photo Contributor
John Smith – Contributor
Bernard Brown – Contributor
Erin Dailey – Contributor
Phil Dunning – Contributor